IBM i hosting

We host your IBM i – regardless if you need the newest IBM i 7.4 system software on POWER9 servers, or older releases for archival, development or test purposes. Our stock even has 25 year old CISC hardware available in case you need it.

We run two data centres on our premise in different buildings which provide mirrored environments for high availability and backup purposes.

You need a testbed for verifying the migration to a new IBM i release? No problem, we can provide the ressources, run the update and document all potential issues and help you with a smooth migration.

In case you changed your ERP software and there is a need to provide an archival environment for your old system – drop us a note. We can run every IBM i Release starting from V3R1, with long-term archival, offline archival – and we can provide spare parts for your old server.

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