Testing your i

Sometimes you need a playground for verifying new software functionality, simulate big changes or test a new IBM i release without setting your production environment at danger?

If you are not sure, if your softare is compatible to IBM i 7.4 or you plan some migrations, we can be of help! No matter if you need one week of a copy if your environment for a quick test, update to newest IBM i release or need a long-term copy of your environment for working on a large change – simply contact us with your needs.

We have more than 100 IBM i Servers in stock for test hosting any release from CISC V3R2 up to Power 9 IBM i 7.4, and we also can be of help in any questions of IBM i system setup or application programming.

Additionally – when we do a restore of your data, we write a document on success and time needed. So you will have a certificate about your backup strategy works for your recovery plans.

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