let us take care!

POWERbunker does not only offer hosting, we offer serviced hosting. A lot of hosting companies only do offer the infrastructure to run your IBM i environment, based on your needs – if you do know, what you need, and if you are able to install and setup your environment, you’re fine.

We do more so you can simply run your business! Let us help with more than 30 years of experience in working and programming on AS/400, iSeries and IBM i, like:

  • We discuss your needs based on current environment or future plans for your business.
  • We setup everything for you. You just need to setup IP for direct or VPN based access on your client workstations (and even this can be done by us if needed)
  • We monitor and tune your environment, and send you recommendations about how to improve usage of your IBM i and software.
  • We do backup, recovery and documentation.
  • We can help with your application software if there is a personnel shortage on your side.

So your advantages compared to a normal “hosting site” are numerous:

  • You simply work. Use your applications as you are used to do.
  • You report every issue you might have – if we ever let you the chance to discover any issue đŸ˜‰
  • You enjoy performance and ease of use of IBM i.
  • You have an issue with IBM i operating system? Let us take care of ticket management and fix the topic with IBM.
  • You just will be glad…

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