small environments

IBM Power S914

Users of older IBM i or AS/400 environments face an important question in modernization projects: Buy new, buy used or check for alternatives?

Often we see this requirement being initiated by the software vendor. They modernise the software, so you must do with your server. But often a new system offered is oversized if your user base is small. So you pay for power without using it. And some years later you must buy again!

Hosting is an alternative – you always get the most current operating system, experts take care for backup and updates, and often the hosting fee is less than just the CapEx for the hardware.

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Example for developers:

IBM i 7.4; 0.05core; 2GB RAM; 100GB Disk; daily backup; one WDS user (including IBM SWMA):
==> starting at only EUR 251 monthly

For more options, see our online calculator!

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